Frequently asked questions

What are hammocks made of?more

We weave nylon and cotton cords. For special orders we can weave other kinds of material on request. We weave sisal, sansiviera, hemp and polyester cords.

How long will cotton or nylon last?more

They will last for many years if you give your hammock the proper care. It should not be left outdoors for long periods of time, especially in sunlight and rain. Some people think nylon may be outdoors for long periods of time. It is not so.

Nylon needs the same proper care as cotton. We also suggest wearing appropriate clothing while you are resting in your hammock. Avoid buttons, jewelry, shoes, watches or any other object that might grab or cut cords. Nevertheless cut, broken or burned cords can be repaired by knotting the ends.

What is the difference between sizes?more

We work four hammock sizes. #3 - #4 - #5 - #6 (each number equals the number of thread tubes we weave in the body of the hammock).

Length is the same for each size. The difference is for the width of the hammock. Width gives the size. The higher the number, the wider (and bigger the hammock).

We suggest #6 for two or more (up to 1,400 pounds). It is a very strong hammock. Very resistant. The larger the hammock the more comfortable it will feel. This holds true even for one person. The general rule is to get the largest hammock you can reasonably afford.

#5 hammocks are also very strong and resistant. We recommend this for one person. It can be shared with someone else.

#4 hammocks are for one adult person. It is a light and also strong hammock. We recommend it for camping and traveling. Very easy for carrying and handling.

#3 hammocks is also a very resistant one for kids or one adult person. We recommend it for beach, camping, traveling and short naps.

Hammock hanging methods?more

Hammock can be hanged to a strong wall, a tree, a palm tree, in a sail boat etc. etc. Hang it so that the ends where it is tied are about 6 feet from the ground, so that it hangs down to a level between your knees and your hips. You can use rope, chain, strong cords for poles and trees. For a wood wall you can drill a heavy duty hook. For concrete walls you can do the same or you can order from us our special bronze, (plastic), or iron hanging kit. Please click on the accessories (bottom) for more info. We will include an instructions sheet with every hammock.

How do you wash it?more

You should wash it only if it is strictly necessary. Because of the diamond design weaving it is not easy that your hammock gets dirty.

If you want to wash your hammock please check the picture attached.

Soak only the body of the hammock in a bucket with cold water and mild soap, leaving arms in the outside. Squeeze it with your hands with care, and leave soaked for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Hang it to dry. A cotton hammock will shrink right after washing it but it returns to normal size when in use again.

May I choose the color of my hammock or make a personal color combination?more

Yes you can. This is how we do it. We send you a digital picture from our warehouse stock. If none of them pleases you then you ask for your special combination and we weave it for you in a 2-3 week period of time.

Do I get any instructions with my Mayan hammock?more

With every hammock you receive a guide with hanging and care tips, knot tying instructions, and directions for folding to keep your hammock free of tangles.

What is the difference between a spread bar hammock and a hammock without a bar?more

A spread bar hammock is known as an American style hammock. It is a very decorative hammock because of its beauty and size. We suggest it for gardens and terraces.

A hammock without a bar is a typical Mayan hammock. This is our specialty. It was designed 3000 years ago by the Mayan Indians and it is considered the most comfortable hammock in the world by customers. Chiropractors and Orthopedists recommend it for people with back problems.

What is a Sisal hammock?more

Three thousand years ago when Mayan people only knew sisal cord which is obtained from the "henequen plant" grown all over the Yucatán Peninsula, hammocks were woven with the sisal cord they obtained from henequen. Hammocks are still woven in this cord. They are strong but some people think they are less comfortable than cotton or nylon because of the roughness of the sisal cord.

Cotton or Nylon?more

Cotton is a very soft natural fiber. It adjusts to your body shape when you lie down. Not recommended for outdoors.

Nylon is a synthetic fiber. Even though nylon is very comfortable, it is not as comfortable as cotton. Well recommended for outdoors.