Cielo Foundation

This summer Hammock Boutique has launched a Non-profit arm, FUNDACION CIELO, to strengthen our effort in the support of Mayan Communities in the Yucatan, Mexico. Our ultimate goal is to establish a system of socioeconomic development that can revitalize the local economy, enhance skills and break the cycle of generational poverty in the Mayan communities.

In that spirit, we have hired 4 interns who will spend the summer in Chumayel and Teabo Yucatan running a few Pilot programs as well as conducting door to door interviews to identify the most pressing needs of the communities. Chumayel and Teabo are towns in Yucatan characterized by its Mayan traditions and by its handicraft skills to make hammocks. According to the last Census, 75-91% of Chumayel's and Teabo’s population is in extreme poverty and presents one of the highest socioeconomic lags in the country.

Cielo Foundation seeks to establish an integrated system that focuses on providing education, health, and professional development services to the children, youth, and adult population of the Mayan communities in the Yucatan peninsula.

The pilot programs this summer include:

  1. Math regularization program with children aged 6-12, as well as sportive and artistic activities.
  2. Heath prevention week, delousing of children, higiene courses.
  3. Mentorship program partnering Junior High and High School students with Students from the private University in Merida.
  4. Establish a culture of Town Hall meetings to discuss issues that affect the community and how to work together to improve their living conditions.

We are running a fundraiser to help us manage the programs described above. If you want to contribute, please follow the link below:

Lastly, to keep up with our Interns these summer and all the great work Fundacion Cielo will be doing in Chumayel and Teabo, look for updates on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds:

We want to Thank our summer interns for their generosity in time and commitment and wish them a very special summer experience in Chumayel, Yucatan, Mexico.

Katie Bloom - Texas A&M University
Catherine Ludwig - Georgetown University
Ana Abad - George Washington University
Ella Hanson - Woodrow Wilson High School